Last night we struggled to find the speed that we needed to run up front.  My background is paved oval and road course racing, I have struggled to really get a handle on what is needed to be a consistent front contender.  Most people will say that it's in the tires; however, Jonathan has really done his homework and seems to put us on as good of a prepped tire as anybody most weeks.  Our engines are built by a leading builder, clutches too.  We feel that this leaves us with one thing to look at - the kart chassis itself.  Our chassis' are approximately 6 years old and were probably not the best even when they were new.  They don't seem to have the roll speed of other chassis especially the newer one.  We have a few things in mind to try to help us, but ultimately believe we will need new chassis' soon.  

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12/08/2013 2:05pm

Great blog post, thanks for posting this.


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