This past weekend we raced at Hanging Rock Kartway in the King of the Rock series.  Richard qualified the Millineum Impulse kart that we just purchased on the pole.  Richard led every lap but came up short in the final 100 feet finishing 2nd in a photo finish.  After the race Richard said: "I should have run my normal line on the final lap instead of trying to take the lane away (from the people behind him) and I probably would have won".

Jonathan driving the same kart qualified 5th and raced hard to bring home an 8th place finish when all was done.  Unfortunately, we had the gearing wrong for Jonathan's race and feel that if it had been correct he would have been a top 3 finisher.

Special thanks to Horsepower by LEGGS - we race his engines every week but it was because of him that we got the gearing right for Richard to have such a strong run.

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