Today we visited the AKRA Kart show at the Metrolina Fairgrounds in Charlotte, NC.  There were lots of interesting racing items and people willing to tell you all about their products.  Scott, from Chaindraggone loves to explain his products and I'm proud to say that I am a user of the Chaindraggone system.  SMC clutches is another company that really took the time to explain their clutches and the benefits of using one.  They have a very talented Thomas Fehring at the helm and Michelle Imbus did a great job demonstrating the new clutch.  Dixie Karting had some great deals on tires, so we bought some to get ready for the upcoming Maxxis Mid-Atlantic Series.  We are very happy to say that we now have SchuPower engines and we're ready to race!   I wish that I could remember all of the companies that were there and could give them all props for the inventions and engineering expertise that goes into some of their offerings, but I can't;  so if you're one of those companies, Thank You.


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