This past weekend we raced at Hanging Rock Kartway in the King of the Rock series.  Richard qualified the Millineum Impulse kart that we just purchased on the pole.  Richard led every lap but came up short in the final 100 feet finishing 2nd in a photo finish.  After the race Richard said: "I should have run my normal line on the final lap instead of trying to take the lane away (from the people behind him) and I probably would have won".

Jonathan driving the same kart qualified 5th and raced hard to bring home an 8th place finish when all was done.  Unfortunately, we had the gearing wrong for Jonathan's race and feel that if it had been correct he would have been a top 3 finisher.

Special thanks to Horsepower by LEGGS - we race his engines every week but it was because of him that we got the gearing right for Richard to have such a strong run.

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Well here it is another Friday night and were ready to go race tomorrow at hanging rock. Last Friday night we raced it Woodleaf after rain poured down the track was wet and muddy for the rest of the night which led to a very loose racetrack but fun racing. We did very well finishing second in the heat race and sixth in the feature. Jonathan And I raced on the same kart and he finished third in his feature. Sunday we went to Carolina Motorsports Park on the asphalt oval Which is really more like a triangle or as I call it the little Pocono. We had a great time Burkart was really fast and we look forward to a racing series starting there in November.

Wish us luck tomorrow night as it's going to be a long night with us racing three classes and sharing one kart.
It's a beautiful Saturday in Neeses, SC and we are ready for the Big O race. New chassis is assembled and today is break in day!
Yesterday we receives our chassis. Thanks to Jonathan Edling for making the 6 hour trip to pick it up. Engine is at the builder and we are excited about the Big O race in Neeses, SC this Saturday.
We have located one updated chassis to purchase. Unfortunately, it won't be available for pick up until next week. We are really excited about the new Kart and can't wait to race it!

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Last night we struggled to find the speed that we needed to run up front.  My background is paved oval and road course racing, I have struggled to really get a handle on what is needed to be a consistent front contender.  Most people will say that it's in the tires; however, Jonathan has really done his homework and seems to put us on as good of a prepped tire as anybody most weeks.  Our engines are built by a leading builder, clutches too.  We feel that this leaves us with one thing to look at - the kart chassis itself.  Our chassis' are approximately 6 years old and were probably not the best even when they were new.  They don't seem to have the roll speed of other chassis especially the newer one.  We have a few things in mind to try to help us, but ultimately believe we will need new chassis' soon.  

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This weekend we will be racing at Hanging Rock Kartway in Kershaw ,SC. This is a regularly scheduled points race and it will serve as good preparation for the following week when $11,000 is up for grabs. We hope to get dialed in and find some speed so we can cash in and collect some prize money.
Results and info from this past weekend's racing. The 36 of Richard Edling and the 63 of Jonathan Edling entered races at Hanging Rock Kartway in Kershaw, SC.
The pro (free entry) class had 37 entries and would only start 20 karts in the main event; Richard qualified 11th and Jonathan 20th to make the elite field. At the finish Richard would hold his 11th place position after being as high up as 4th during the race and Jonathan would finish 13th.

In the 375 class Richard finished 3rd with the win going to a very deserving winner Tyler Moree.

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This weekend we will be racing at Hanging Rock Kartway in Kershaw, SC. Under the new format using a Unilli tire the track has essentially reset the points and will have a different format than was originally planned. We at are looking forward to the new series and hope to contend for the championship.

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This weekend we will be racing at Fastrax in Bennettsville,SC. Even though Jonathan has been prepping tires, the karts are far from ready and have been in the trailer since the last race. When I get home tomorrow I have a lot of work to do but hope to have everything in top racing condition to hopefully bring home a win Saturday night.