Results and info from this past weekend's racing. The 36 of Richard Edling and the 63 of Jonathan Edling entered races at Hanging Rock Kartway in Kershaw, SC.
The pro (free entry) class had 37 entries and would only start 20 karts in the main event; Richard qualified 11th and Jonathan 20th to make the elite field. At the finish Richard would hold his 11th place position after being as high up as 4th during the race and Jonathan would finish 13th.

In the 375 class Richard finished 3rd with the win going to a very deserving winner Tyler Moree.

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This weekend we will be racing at Hanging Rock Kartway in Kershaw, SC. Under the new format using a Unilli tire the track has essentially reset the points and will have a different format than was originally planned. We at are looking forward to the new series and hope to contend for the championship.

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